The law firm of Iris Bikel, Esq. specializes in the area of Estate  Planning and Elder Care.  

  • In the former, clients try to protect their  assets and ensure that their heirs are able to inherit the assets they have spent a lifetime to accumuate.  
  • In the  latter clients wish to stay at home with home care or help a loved one move into  a Nursing  Home,  Assisted Living Facility or Hospital.  In either case, everyone has unique circumstances that deserve  individual and prompt attention by trying to live in a safe environment of their choosing, while also preserving assets.

Prior to opening her firm, Iris Bikel began her career as a mortgage  banker, securing financing for clients who were purchasing new homes or  refinancing property they already owned. 

As with mortgage banking, Estate Planning requires a thorough  investigation of each client's financial background, familial needs, and  personal objectives.  When she was a mortgage banker, Iris helped  clients obtain loan approvals in order to secure financing for their  dream homes.  Similarly, an appropriate Estate Plan must utilize  different techniques, clearly and concisely, in order to fit each  client's individual goals with dignity and thought to each particular situation, to keep loved ones safe and to preserve their assets.  

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 A given Plan should allow one to bequeath assets to named beneficiaries in  a controlled manner so as to safeguard estate assets, provide health  care directives, limit tax liability and, whenever possible, avoid  Probate Court. 

With the right plan you can provide for any heirs of your choosing, with  as much as you want to give, whenever you wish them to benefit.  Only  by creating an Estate Plan can you ensure that your goals are  fulfilled. 

Iris Bikel is the Co-Chapter Leader of The Orion Resource Group, an organization which is made up of Elder Care Professionals.   

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