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Estate Planning

Estate Plans are formulated in a way that allows clients to maintain as much control over their assets as possible, while protecting them for many generations to come.  

Elder Care

For elder clients, I design plans that still provide asset protection while also ensuring that each individual is able to obtain home health care aides and enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities in the most caring way possible.  

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 My goal is to provide security for my clients and their families, while ensuring that health issues, tax laws, familial changes, and a variety of other issues, don't capture the assets that have taken them a lifetime to accumulate.  

Wills and Trusts



  • What is the difference between a will and a trust?
  • Is your will or trust up to date?
  • Have you picked an agent for your power of attorney?
  • Do you have a person who can make health care decisions for you if you can't?


Elder Care



  • Do you have the personal support you may need in any crisis? 
  • Do, or will, you need additional care? 
  • Are your assets protected against the cost of care?
  • Are there ways to pay for additional support and care that won’t deplete all your assets?

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