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Iris Bikel, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning and Elder Care

  The law firm of Iris Bikel, Esq. specializes in the area of a Estate Planning  and Elder Care.
  Estate Plans are formulated in a way that allows clients to maintain as much control over their assets as possible, while protecting
  them for many generations to come.  My goal is to provide security for my clients and their families, while ensuring that health 
  issues, tax laws, familial changes, and a variety of other issues, don't capture the assets that have taken them a lifetime to 

  For elder clients, I design plans that still provide asset protection while also ensuring that each individual is able to obtain home
  health care aids and enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities in the most caring way possible.  Whether they are using their own
  funds by privately paying for services or through Medicaid, I try to preserve each client's dignity and provide for their needs.

  I recognize that every client has unique circumstances that deserves individual and prompt attention.  The issues are complex and I
  help clients understand and work through the options that are available to them in order to attain specific goals and provide for their
  unique needs.


Wish to organize your Estate
in order to protect you and
your heirs so that your
family can enjoy the assets
that you have taken a
lifetime to accumulate? 
We will work through the 
maze to find the plan that's
right for you!


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  Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

  • Wills and Trusts


Revocable Trusts
  QTIPs     ILITs 
  Bypass Trusts    Crummy Trusts 
  Living Wills     Health Care Proxies 
  Education Trusts   Medical Trusts
  Gift Trusts    Marital Trusts
  Charitable Trust     Generation Skipping Trust

  Elder Care 

  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning Techniques:  

        Annual Gift Tax Exclusion -  Each year you can give up to $13,000 to
        any  indvidual you wish, or $26,000 as a married couple. tax free!

        LLC or Family Limited Partners - By using creating an LLC rather than
        a Corporation, you get all the same advantages but avoid double
        taxation.  An LLC provides limited liability protection to its owners
        who aren't responsible for the business debts and liabilities. 

        FLP's offer asset protection for partnership property and credit
        protection to the limited partners.  

        Fractional Interest Gift - By transferring partial interests in real
        property to someone else, you can obtain a fractional interest
        discount for estate and income tax purposes.

        Charitable Trust - A charitable trust lets you generously gift property,
        and still give your family a huge tax break.

        Private Foundation - This is for the wealthy families and provides tax
        benefits on property transfers.

        Irrevocable Education Trust - Takes assets out of your estate to pay
        for your children or grandchildren's education.

        Irrevocable Insurance Trust - Allows for insurance policy proceeds to
        go to loved ones free of income, inheritance and estate taxes.  

        Revocable Living Trust
 - A tool to avoid probate and manage one's
        assets effectively.

  • Medicaid Planning

        Are you worried about how you will be cared for should you become

        Do you or a loved one need a nurse's aid?

        Are you ready to move to an Assisted Living Facility but don't know
        how to pay for it?

        Is someone in your family so ill that they require Nursing Home care?

        Do you feel that you have too much income or assets to receive the 
        assistance that will
 pay for the type of care you desire and need?  

      With Medicaid planning, you may still qualify for assistance.  Even
      if you own a home 
    or earn an income, you still may be able to save 
      your estate from bearing the full weight of the cost of care today.  

      Ask about all the options available to you!






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